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Learning with authentic content

Easy German is an online series that provides German language learners worldwide with authentic learning material. We show the German language as it is spoken in the streets and among friends at home. Our two weekly shows contain interviews with people in the streets of different cities and show you daily life in Germany, covering a wide range of topics and ability levels. The video material is subtitled in both German and English to make it easy for viewers to listen to as well as read the German as it is spoken in the streets.

Connecting to cultures and languages all over the world

Collaborating with video producers all over the world, our first channel Easy Languages now features over 30 languages. The Easy Languages channel and the Easy German channel have a total of around 600,000 subscribers and over 80 million video views. Our mission is to encourage young people worldwide to use online video in order to help each other learn languages and promote cultural exchange. If you are interested in doing the same in your country, please read more about how to become a co-producer of Easy Languages.

Easy German originated in a school

The language learning videos produced by Easy German are used in schools and universities all over the world. Indeed, the project itself also originated in a school. About 12 years ago Janusz led a media workshop at a high school in Münster, and the very first Easy German video was produced with students of a literature course. It was actually addressed to two girls learning German in Vietnam (if you listen closely, you can hear Simon saying “Hi Thy and Trang” in the introduction). It was only much later that Janusz uploaded it to a new website called YouTube, not yet knowing how many people would watch this video in the future.  Easy German and Easy Languages still closely collaborate with schools from all over the world to enhance language learning through multimedia. We regularly conduct language and media workshops in schools, in which we produce short videos with native speakers and language learners that are both entertaining and educational.



Janusz is the founder and producer of Easy German . He is originally from Poland and moved to Germany in 1984. Janusz has been a truck driver for several years, before turning his passion onto media. Today he works as a video producer and media trainer. Janusz uses his own experience of learning a foreign language and moving abroad to come up with new concepts and ideas of language learning and youth education.


Cari is originally from Münster, now living in Berlin with Janusz. As host and producer of Easy German, but also as co-founder and CEO of The Global Experience, an NGO focused on intercultural dialogue, Cari dedicates most of her time on educational activities that connect young people from different parts of the world. To find out more about Cari, check out her website: www.carisafari.de


Ben is a video producer and freelance translator from York, England. He acts as the partners manager of the Easy Languages network and is also the translator of Easy German. Ben studied German and economy in Sheffield and has lived abroad in Germany and Poland before moving back to England in 2016. He also co-created the Easy German exercises and regularly joins us as a media trainer for workshops and courses.


Manuel studied Multimedia Production and has hosted and produced several Easy German episodes. He is currently on a two-year world trip, making videos about traveling, tech and minimalism along the way on his personal YouTube channel.


Klaus is a teacher for politics and history and occasionally joins the Easy German Team for fun activities. He enjoys cooking that’s why we have shot several cooking episodes with him!


Isi is an event manager from Münster, now living in Cologne. She supports the team with event and community management and also occasionally joins the Easy German team in front of the camera.


Street Interviews:

Easy German Idioms and Expressions

Basic Phrases

German Pronunciation and dialects

Super Easy German (Slow German)

Cari antwortet (Q&A videos)

Easy German Grammar Videos

Get Exercises

Weekly exercise sheets are available on Patreon for all episodes produced from January 2017. Since October 2017 we produce interactive online worksheets in collaboration with www.seedlang.com, a language learning platform we are partnering with.

Each interactive worksheet features a vocabulary list and 6 exercises on different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) with English translations and answers in order to deepen the vocabulary and grammar used in the videos. Additionally we have discussions and answer questions in a Patreon only Facebook group that our members get access to.

By becoming a member on Patreon you can actively help us to become independent, professional video producers and receive a regular income for creating Easy German, which is the job we love most. Once signing up to Easy German on Patreon you can select the amount you want to donate (starting from 1$ per week). You can also set a monthly limit to your donations and unsubscribe any time. Become an Easy German member on Patreon now.

This is how our new interactive worksheets look like:

And here you can download 3 of our old PDF exercise sheets as an example:

Easy German Summerschool

Join us to learn German with us in Berlin!
As avid language learners, we believe that the most successful way of learning a language apart from watching nice Easy German videos is through experience – to live through the language. What we do in our Easy German School is very much connected with how we teach languages online. The Easy German School is connected to authentic life, contains lots of fun and evokes passion for language learning in our students. We therefore combine all our lessons with practical exercises and fun activities like cooking, going out, bike tours or walking tours to exercise our grammar and vocabulary.

Learn German from the Streets

Our summer school very much connects with what we do in our videos online – learn German as spoken in the streets ? – Even though it’s called a „school“, our program is actually the opposite of a school. It’s interactive, fun, authentic and activities based.

All courses are aimed at  A2-C1 levels who want to focus on practicing their spoken German, while also getting to know the local culture at the same time. We have decided on a lesson plan which swaps textbooks for real life cultural activities. You’ll find yourself learning German whilst barbequing in the park, beer tasting, being immersed in Berlin’s underground entertainment spots or attending many of the cultural events that Berlin is famous for!

Activities included in our Easy German Summer School program (amongst others): Treasure hunt through Berlin, Talking to strangers in the streets, Bike tour through Berlin, Cooking typical German food, hidden places of Berlin history tour, German slang workshop, trip to another German city and many more – all activities include grammar and vocabulary exercises adapted to your individual needs. – A detailed schedule of the program will be sent to you a few weeks before the start of the summer school.


Upcoming Schools

Dates for 2019 will be announced in January 2019.

Quick facts

  • All our activities are fun, interactive and effective which means you will learn to become confident in the language faster.
  • We are native speakers who embody a relaxed, fun spirit making sure that you will feel in the right environment for language learning.
  • We believe that both passion and knowledge inspire language learning which is why our Summer Schools also give you the chance to get to know the countries culture a little more.
  • You don’t only learn the academic “text book” vocabulary but a diverse vocabulary which is used on the street allowing you to really speak like a native.
  • We work and practice spoken language in small groups of 3-6 people per language level; the total group of summer school participants has been around 12 people in the past. Meaning that we can build stronger relationships with you and teach more to your needs.
  • We are easy to get to, we are right next to Pankow station (Ubahn and Sbahn).


650-Regular Price

*Deposit (to be paid after registration) – 150€

The fee of 650€ (reduced fee for students: 500€) includes expenses connected to the activities, such as tution, transportation during our class hours, entrance fees, materials and snacks and drinks during our class hours. It does not include accomodation in Berlin, which you have to organise yourself, and it does not include food and drinks when going out with the group (those occasions will be marked in the time table).

The program dates include 7 full days, so after we confirm your participation, please arrange your travels before and after the dates mentioned above.

If you want to join a day later or need to leave a day earlier, that is also possible, however we will not partially refund the days that you miss. Of course you can also miss a day inbetween. Just let us know in advance so that we can plan our activities accordingly.

To register for one of the schools, please fill the form below. We will then send you an email with further details and a request to pay a deposit of 150,- €. After receiving the deposit we will confirm your participation.

The fee of 650€ (reduced fee for students: 500€) includes expenses connected to the activities, such as tution, transportation during our class hours, entrance fees, materials and snacks and drinks during our class hours. It does not include accomodation in Berlin, which you have to organise yourself, and it does not include food and drinks when going out with the group (those occasions will be marked in the time table).

The Easy German summer school is fully focused on conversation and activity based learning. It will also include grammar and vocabulary workshops, but mostly we want you to work on your spoken German and give you the chance to practice your German in a fun and active environment. Throughout the summer school we will work in three groups (beginner, intermediate, advanced). We will usually do all activities together as a big group, however do exercises and conversations in small groups that focus on your respective German levels. – If you are a beginner, it will be useful if you have already done a basic beginners course in German (A1 level) and have basic vocabulary and grammar knowledge in order to fully benefit from the summer school. ?

Classes are held at our office in Florastraße 48 in Berlin-Pankow and activities will take place all over Berlin. A good location for you to find accomodation will be around Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding, Pankow, Friedrichshain or Mitte. But also other locations might work that have a good train and subway connection to Pankow station.

Register now

The registration is currently closed and will open again in January 2019. Please stay tuned. 😃


Connect with us

  • Office address: Easy Languages GbR, Florastraße 48, 13187 Berlin
  • Easy German is produced by: Janusz Hamerski and Carina Schmid
  • Website: https://www.easygerman.org
  • Email:

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